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If you have wanted to learn how to invest in real estate but didn't know where to start - you have found the right place. At BOLD REI, we lay the foundations out for you with online classes, webinars, group coaching and more. Learn the basic strategies and then focus on your niche BEFORE you spend $1000s of dollars on "gurus". 
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Grow Your Savings
Investing in real estate is a proven strategy for long term wealth growth. With so many options to choose, you can pick the right path for your needs.  

Get Your Time Back
Take control of your time by either creating a passive income or replacing your income completely. Learn how investing can pay you today and free up your time.

Secure Your Finances
Diversification will protect your money through the cycles of the economy. If you're looking for retirement security or even wealth protection, real estate investing can protect you.

"When it comes to money, the only skill most people know is to work hard."
~ Robert Kiyosaki
What You Need to Know
Investment strategies for win-win deals
Effective analysis to pick the right deals
How to build your Power Team
How to market and find deals

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Receive the entire BOLD real estate investing package when you buy our bundle. This bundle includes a the complete online course, e-book, the workbook, access to live group coaching, access to our Facebook group, and of course our money back guarantee! 
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Facebook Group

Join other investors as we learn and breakdown real deals.


Foundations of REI Online Classes

Want more? These classes teach analysis, marketing, management and exactly HOW to BUY and what tech can help you get there.

One on One Coaching Call

Not sure where to start? Let's meet over zoom and we'll build discuss a customized plan.

Group Coaching

Our group coaching only happens twice a year. This is your chance to ask questions, get explanations and its LIVE.

Ready to Learn More?
If you are brand new to real estate investing and want to learn more, I have a FREE ebook for you! It will cover the basics of real estate investing in very general terms.

When it's time to start learning, we turn up the heat with online classes, webinars, podcasts, group coaching and more. Through these classes we show you how to pick the right strategies for your time and money.
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